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Finned Tubes

DuraFin®, DuraCor®, and DuraForm® finned, enhanced, and formed heat exchanger technical tubing.

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Heat Exchangers

DuraHX® Custom Heat Exchangers built from our DuraFin® or smooth tube.

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Heat Exchanger Parts

DuraTube® heat exchanger components, parts, and products to support the DuraFin® tube.

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We are committed to the highest level of excellence in all that we do. We strive to provide the best pricing, quality, and fastest service in the industry.

Energy Transfer is a fin tube manufacturer and a production driven corporation with a large appetite for challenge. We strive to provide the best pricing, quality, and fastest service in the industry. Our record shows that our innovative solutions for difficult applications, low costs, and high volume bring our customers back every time. We guarantee your satisfaction with friendly service and a prompt response with quotes. However, our mission does not stop there; streamline production setup, outstanding quality control, and fast delivery of our products set us apart from the competition!

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TyraPlant Manager

"I wanted to send a note of my appreciation for the urgency and support your team showed in making the replacement part for our facility.  Not only did your team make the product, they did it in an expedited manner and that is very commendable and greatly appreciated.  We were in a situation where emergency would be an understatement, our whole plant was down, and your team jumped through hoops and did everything they could to provide the product in a manner that exceeded expectations."

AjayProduction Engineer

​"The quality of the tube we get from [a competitor] is not as high as the tubes we have received from you. You can tell just by looking at the end products."

JamesProject Manager

"We received the reactor coil today and it looks great! Thanks to you & your team for turning this order around so quickly. Your efforts are greatly appreciated."

RickMaintenance Manager

​"Thanks a lot, your guys did a great job on the coils! We all look forward to working with you again in the future"

JerryDesign Engineer

​"Great production quantity vendor, and excellent product development partner. We call you guys first with our new ideas."



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